Avoid the Spring Rush

Many of you are starting to put the growing season of 2012 to rest so its time to look ahead to how to make 2013 an even better year.  Newton Crouch Inc would gladly discuss new spreading innovations and guidance technologies with you to help you better know what it available.  Also by shopping early you avoid the dreaded spring rush – especially if you want a custom peice of equipment.  We do our best to make up trailers, hulls, and have tires on the yard so that we don’t have a big lead time for our customers but as the spring moves forward, so does our lead time.  

We have sales representatives throughout the southeast and dealers across the US to help you find the best equipment for you.  Please visit our webpage to find a sales repsentative in your area:  http://newtoncrouch.com/pages/view/134 or a dealer:  http://newtoncrouch.com/pages/view/133

We look forward to hearing from you!!

Also there are some tax advantages to ordering equipment before the end of the year.  Please discuss these with you tax advisor as they could help save you some money.

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Spreader of the Sunbelt Expo

Newton Crouch Inc has been exhibiting at the Sunbelt Expo since its start and this year the Sunbelt Expo is celebrating is 35th year! Make sure to mark your calender’s for this year’s expo October 16-18 in Moultrie, Georgia at Spence Field.  Let’s all hope for less rain this year!!!!  Also check out the wide variety of events that will be taking place: http://sunbeltexpo.com/special-events/sunbelt-expo-schedule-of-events/

Newton Crouch Inc was proudly named THE Offical Spreader of the Sunbelt Expo many years ago and have held the title ever since.  The leaders of the Sunbelt recognize that Newton Crouch Inc equipment is a step above the rest.  Our durable construction leads to long lasting and dependable equipment. 

Features that set NCI apart and save you money:

  • Hull bolted on to trailer which allows for easier maintenance of trailer and hull
  • Trailer manufactured of tubing.  Unlike channel frames, tubing frames reduce crevices and ledges where material can sit and corrode the paint and steel.
  • Trailer is powder coated
  • Trailer supports full length of spreader body.  Many of our competitor’s trailers support partially support the length of the spreader body
  • Spreader wheels  have solid welds
  • Hopper capacity of NCI 9 foot is 172 cu.ft and 10 foot is 192 cu.ft.
  • Window in front panel of spreader allows operator to easily see hopper load while in tractor.
  • No bridging when spreading gypsum and lime with our 24 inch conveyor.  Widest conveyor in the industry!
  • Heavy duty dishes and blades available as option.  These thicker dishes and blades last longer and lessen your maintenance cost.
  • Dual spinner motors mounted underneath.  Motors have double bearings, triple sealed against contamination, and are grease able. Spinner motor shafts create more torque with increased pressure.
  • Truck spreaders have large oil tanks with internal filter and large return filters.
  • Belt over chain available as option.  Special design for triblock lime.

We look forward to seeing your at our booth, B-2, at the 2012 Sunbelt Expo!

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Liquid Nitrogen Storage

Its time again to think about stock piling liquid nitrogen.  Historically, liquid nitrogen is the less expensive in the fall so why not buy it before the demand causes a price increase.  Newton Crouch Inc offers a full line of Norwesco liquid storage tanks that are perfect for any type of liquid storage. 

When purchasing tanks for liquid nitrogen, Newton Crouch suggests the Norwesco 6100 Heavy Weight Vertical Tank.  For a complete list of vertical storage tanks that Newton Crouch frequently sells, please visit our website: http://newtoncrouch.com/pages/view/100

Vertical Storage Tank

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Guidance and Assisted Steering

Eventhough guidance has been in agriculture for many years now, it is constantly improving.  Companies like Raven and TeeJet continue to raise the bar for guidance systems with new equipment and systems all the time. 

Raven’s Guidance systems, Cruizer II™  & Cruizer II™ RTK,  give growers an easy to use system within their budget.   Also Raven has created a powerful overall system through it’s add on features such as auto-steering, automatic on-off planter, and boom section controls.  Last year Raven released a product called Slingshot®.  It syncs seamlessly with Cruizer II™ RTK to turbo-charge your precision ag equipment software. Through Slingshot® growers get unrivaled high-speed wireless connectivity, cellular-enabled technology, uninterrupted signals/data transfer, industry-leading wireless RTK connections and vehicle tracking. It can even let you communicate with other equipment while in the field.  Slingshot® also gives you access to live remote support from Raven’s team of experts.  Slingshot® is currently compatible with Cruizer II™ RTK , Envizio Pro™ , Envizio Pro II® ,  and Viper Pro™.

Raven also offers assisted steering through its SmarTrax and SmarTrax RTK systems.  These hydraulic-assisted steering systems enhance high speed operation by offering faster line acquisition, correction for changes in soil condition and implement pull. SmarTrax and SmarTrax RTK offer across-the-board GPS compatibility, 3D terrain compensation and automatic system calibration along with RTK accuracy and repeatability from year to year , best-in-class operating speeds for covering more ground faster, compatibility with many steer-ready machines , and multiple kits available to fit all modern tractor types. 

TeeJet offers guidance over live video with its RealView™ feature on the Matrix Pro.  Up to eight video cameras can be used to verify that operators are on the correct path.  This easy to use system gives operators the freedom to choose what they see – guidance over video, guidance only or video only.  Matrix Pro is auto steer and automatic boom section control (ABSC) ready. Enabling these features in the future is fast, easy and economical. TeeJet’s hydraulic auto-steer system, FieldPilot, is a low-cost, high-performance auto steer system that can greatly reduce operator fatigue and significantly improves productivity.  FieldPilot is also automatic boom section control-ready. Control up to 15 boom sections automatically when you add
BoomPilot® or RowPilot automatic section control and is ideal to use on tractors, sprayers, and combines. 

Newton Crouch Inc proudly offers Raven and TeeJet product lines.  Please call 800-241-1350 to discuss with one of sales representative which system is best for your operation.

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NCI Equipment Going to the Sunbelt Expo

Newton Crouch Inc is gearing up for another busy Sunbelt Expo.  Historically this is our biggest show of the year and we want to give you a preview of what equipment you will be able to see there this year!  We will be running some great show specials on the equipment present at the Sunbelt so now is the time to buy.  The pictures shown are stock photos and may not show all options and features included on the Sunbelt models.  Please call 800-241-1350 for more details. 

 Model 31181.SH – Litter and Shavings Pull Type Spreader, 18 ft 

Model 31 Litter Spreader


  • 18 foot high side hull, carbon steel
  • Self contained hydraulics with PTO shaft & tandem pump
  • Drive & spinner motors in parallel



Model 45500C – 500 Gallon Liquid Applicator Pull Type 


Model 45500 Truss & Lift Boom

  • 500 gallon poly tank with stainless bands
  • Hypro 9303C-HM4C centrifugal pump
  • Bypass agitation
  • Control valve with TeeJet flowback valves
  • Truss Boom, 18 row – 54 ft
  • Spring loaded shocks
  • 37 nozzles on 18″ spacings
  • Water tank
  • Hydraulic lift


Model 45500JBDW – 500 Gallon Liquid Applicator Pull Type 


Model 45500 8 Row Pull Type

  • 500 gallon poly tank with stainless steel bands
  • John Blue NGP7055 single piston pump, ratio 36 to 18
  • Pump mounted on stand with drive wheel & sprockets
  • Adjustable wheel spacings 61″ to 80″
  • Heavy duty tripod boom, 8 row – 28 ft
  • Hydraulic fold
  • 16 nozzles on 18″ spacings
  • Quick fill
  • Load ramp over right wheel
  • Water tank
  • Drop springs(16) – 15″ or 24″
  • Visual flow monitor kit
Trailer will be blue, hubs will be white

Model 47NC Spreadit with Torsion Axle


Model 47NC142RAVX-24 – Spreadit Tandem Axle Pull Type 


  • Capacity – 14 ft x 102 in, 10.7 ton (fertilizer at 65lbs/ac)
  • Stainless hull with 10 gauge sides
  • Conveyor – 24″ double chain
  • Heavy duty dishes and blades
  • Trailer – tandem, 16K torsion axle; powder coat blue
  • Herculiner on chassis rail
  • Tires – 700 x 40 x 22.5
  • All hydraulic drive system, Raven slot sensor
  • Tarp – side to side
  • Window
  • Category 3 hitch


Model 49H92.TH-24F – Row Crop Pull TypeFeatures:

  • Capacity – 172 cu.ft., 6 ton, flare hull
  • Stainless hull, dishes, blades, conveyor
  • Conveyor – 24″ clinched chain
  • Heavy duty dishes and blades
  • Herculiner
  • Tires – 11.25 x 28, 12 Ply – 76″ wheel centers
  • Tractor hydraulic system
  • Third rate kit for fertilizer
  • Window


Model 49H92TH-24REV – Row Crop Pull Type with Reversible Wheel Centers


Model 49H29TH24REV in 72" Position

  • Capacity – 172 cu.ft, 6 tons
  • Stainless hull, dishes, blades, conveyor
  • Conveyor – 24″ clinched chain
  • Heavy duty dishes and blades
  • Herculiner
  • Tires – 11.25 x 28 – 72″/60″ reversible wheel
  • Tractor hydraulic system
  • Window


Model 49H102.RAVX-24F Turf –  Row Crop Spreader Variable Rate


Model 49H102RAVX24F Variable Rate with 18.4 Ties

  • Capacity – 190 cu.ft – 6 tons, flared hull
  • Stainless hull, dishes, blades, conveyor
  • Conveyor – 24″ clinched chain
  • Heavy duty dishes and blades
  • Herculiner
  • Tires – 18.4 x 26, 10 ply
  • Tractor Hydraulic system with Raven slot sensor & PWM valve
  • Window
  • Raven spinner speed monitor


Model 49H102.RAV.ISO-24F Turf – Row Crop Spreader Raven ISO Rate Controls – SOLD


  • Capactiy – 197 cu.ft – flared hull
  • Stainless hull, dishes, blades, conveyor
  • Conveyor – 24″ web chain
  • Heavy duty dishes and blades
  • Herculiner
  • Tires – 18.4 x 24, 10 ply
  • All Hydraulic drive system
  • Raven ISO rate control with foot petal switch and node mounted in sealed enclosure (Variable Rate ready)
  • Raven slot sensor & PWM valve
  • Raven fan speed sensor
  • GPS speed sensor
  • Window


Model 54122.RAV660-24F – All Hydraulic Raven 660 Truck Spreader


Model 54 Flared Hull (stock photo, may not show options listed)

  • Capacity – 233 cu.ft. – flared body
  • Stainless hull, dishes, blades, conveyor
  • Hull sides 10 gauge stainless & 102″ Catwalks
  • Conveyor – 24″ clinched chain
  • Dishes and blades for extended range
  • Single V spring tie downs
  • Chute divider
  • Raven 660
  • TeeJet speed sensor
  • Many other great options – call for details!


Model 561025 – 1025 Gallon Nurse Tank Trailer


Model 561025 (shown with white tank)

  • 1025 Gallon poly tank, premium weight, black
  • Trailer – 2×6 tubing, red powder coated
  • Tires – 11L x 15
  • Pump – 5.5HP 2″ Pacer poly pump, Briggs Intek Engine
  • Transfer pump platform
  • Hose brackets
  • Sight Gauge



Model 57C82.TH24 – Single Axle Spreader


Model 57C82TH-24 Pull Type Spreader

  • Capacity – 103 cu.ft – 3 tons
  • Stainless hull, dishes, blades, and conveyor
  • Conveyor – 24″ clinched chain
  • Hydraulic drive wheel engagement
  • Third rate for fertilizer
  • Raised Trailer




Model 582006C2BB – 3 Point Hich Sprayer


Model 58200 Boomless 3 Point Hitch Sprayer

  • 200 Gallon poly tank with stainless tank bands
  • Pump – Hypro 7560C
  • PTO adapter
  • Jet Agitation
  • Two Boom Buster tips – can set angle of nozzles with U-bolts
  • Adjustable rack





Model 67100 -Aluminum Skid Sprayer


Model 67100AL Aluminum Skid Sprayer

  • 100 Gallon poly tank with aluminum frame
  • Pump – Diaphragm Udor
  • 5.5HP Honda Gas Engine
  • Manual crank Titan hose reel


Model 49H92TH24F (Tires shown are 18.4)

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TeeJet Technologies SpraySelect Tip Selection App

Yet again, TeeJet is helping growers keep technology at their finger tips.  The NEW SpraySelect Tip Selection App will allow growers to choose spray tips from their phones.  Simply input speed, spacing and your target rate, then select your droplet size category and a list of tip recommendations is provided.  Please visit TeeJet’s website for more information and to download the iphone or droid app.


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2011 Tax Depreciation

As you get ready for your year end equipment purchases, we wanted to remind you of the 2011 Tax Depreciation bonus.  It is only available for a limited time and please check with your accountant to see your eligibility.

Temporary law can mean HUGE tax savings for 2011 equipment buyers

By Christian A. Klein

Improving business conditions aren’t the only reason forward-thinking companies are making new capital investments this year.  Congress and the president have enacted temporary tax laws to encourage companies to buy now.  The incentives created in December 2010 are the most significant in a generation.  If your company purchases equipment in 2011, you can dramatically reduce what you send to Uncle Sam this year.

The Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010 (TRJA) extended and expanded the depreciation bonus created in 2008.  For 2011, it’s an unprecedented 100 percent; for 2012, it’s 50 percent.  By lowering your taxable income, bonus depreciation can significantly cut your 2011 and 2012 federal tax bills, freeing up cash in the near term.

Assume you buy and place in service in 2011 a new piece of equipment costing $100,000.  Using bonus depreciation, you can “write off” the full amount this year, reducing your taxable income by $100,000.  If you’re in the 35 percent tax bracket, that can reduce your 2011 tax bill by $35,000. 

In 2012, things get a little more complicated: the depreciation bonus will fall to 50 percent.  You’ll be able to write off half the purchase cost plus the percentage of the remaining basis you’d ordinarily write off in the first year.  For a $100,000 machine with a five-year MACRS life you’ll be able to write off $60,000 ($50,000 with bonus depreciation plus one-fifth of the remaining $50,000 in basis). 

There are some important nuances to keep in mind:

First, to qualify for bonus depreciation, the equipment must be new.  That means the “first use” must occur with the taxpayer who claims the benefit.  Used equipment that doesn’t qualify for bonus depreciation might still qualify for Sec. 179 expensing (see below). 

The equipment has to be placed in service in the year in which you claim the bonus (2011 for 100 percent and 2012 for 50 percent).  In other words, if what you’re buying takes a long time to deliver, don’t wait until December to place your order. 

Next, the property must fit into one of the categories for which bonus depreciation is allowed: property depreciable under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) with a recovery period of 20 years or less (most tangible property used in a business will fall into this category), as well as select water utility property, computer software, and leasehold improvements.

Bonus depreciation is elective, not mandatory.  You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.  And it applies for both regular and alternative minimum tax purposes.

But there are some potential downsides.  The more you depreciate now, the less you’ll be able to depreciate later.  In other words, your tax bill in future years may be higher because you’ll have less to deduct.  Also, if you depreciate 100 percent now and sell the asset before the end of the asset’s MACRS recovery period, it may increase your tax bill in the year you sell.  (Like-kind exchange (LKE) can help mitigate some of that potential depreciation bonus “hangover”.) And some states don’t recognize the depreciation bonus, which may result in additional tax complexity.   

But when considering the downsides, consider this: Would you rather take the tax break now and invest the money in your company, or would you rather let the U.S. government hold onto it for you for the next several years?

Congress also recently changed Sec. 179 expensing rules.  For the 2011 tax year, companies can expense up to $500,000 as long as total purchases don’t exceed $2,000,000. For each dollar over, the eligible expensing amount correspondingly drops by one dollar. The TRJA extended Sec. 179 expensing through 2012 but lowers the benefit to $120,000 with a $500,000 phase out threshold.  Eligible taxpayers can combine Sec. 179 and bonus depreciation for even bigger tax savings.

From a tax standpoint, there’s never been a better time to invest in your company’s future.  Of course, this article doesn’t constitute specific tax or legal advice, so be sure to check with your accountant or tax professional if you want to take advantage of the law.  But don’t wait … the clock is ticking!

The author is a managing member of the law firm of Obadal, Filler, MacLeod & Klein, PLC and vice president of government affairs for Associated Equipment Distributors, a trade association representing companies that sell, rent, and service construction, mining, and forestry equipment.  He can be reached at 703.739.9485 or caklein@potomac-law.com.



© 2011 Obadal, Filler, MacLeod & Klein, PLC.  License is hereby granted to freely reproduce this article with the above acknowledgements.  Please contact Christian Klein at 703.739.9485 with questions or if you wish to make editorial changes.

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Spoon Fed Nitrogen

It seems that everywhere you turn these days, sustainability is discussed.  Recently a discussion of Nitrogen use and sustainability has arisen.  Nitrogen can be applied in a variety of ways but by using slow released nitrogen and spoon feeding nitrogen to a growing plant, many researchers argue that growers can aid in sustainability.  Whether you agree or not, research has shown that nitrogen spoon fed to plants yields a better harvest.  Also by applying slow release Nitrogen as a top dressing, a grower can have more flexibility in application times. 

Newton Crouch Inc has a variety to spreaders ideal for top dressing and spoon feeding Nitrogen.  Our Row Crop Pull Type is has medium to high clearance depending on tire option chosen by customer. This Row Crop Buggy can top-dress cotton, wheat, soybeans, and a variety of other crops.  NCI’s Chassis mounted spreaders can also be ideal for topdressing and spoon feeding Nitrogen.

As technology has developed, Newton Crouch Inc has encouraged our customer base to take advantage.  Variable Rate Technology is available on most NCI equipment and can be an invaluable tool.  Variable Rate has saved some of our customer’s thousands in fertilizer cost!  Learn more about variable rate at http://newtoncrouch.com/pages/view/42   Guidance systems are now relatively inexpensive and can save growers thousands in time, stress, and product.  NCI most popular models in recent years have been TeeJet’s Matrix Pro and Raven’s Cruizer II.  Both systems are easy to install and operate. 

TeeJet’s Matrix Pro has the ability to show REALVIEW Guidance with up to 4 camera.  Matrix Pro is also quickly upgradable to auto-steer.  To learn more about the Matrix Pro: http://www.teejet.com/media/407455/98-01344%20r1-us%20matrix%20pro%204pg%20bulletin.pdf

Raven’s Cruizer II is a great affordable guidance system.  It paints as you spreads and has last pass technology to keep you from over applying.  An unique feature of Raven Cruizer is the Cruizer Care program.  For a nominal fee, you can get a warranty and never be without your Cruizer.  To visit Raven’s website and learn about the Cruizer: http://www.ravenprecision.com/~/link.aspx?_id=8AB21FE7C7EA47BCBD86281B283E0C17

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Mid-South Farm and Gin Show

Steve and John from Newton Crouch Inc will be attending the Mid-South Farm and Gin Show Feb 25 and 26 in Memphis, TN.  The Mid-South Gin show is a great opportunity to see some of the latest innovation in agriculture as well as to catch up with our mid-south customers.  If you in the area, please stop by and visit with us.  Newton Crouch Inc’s booth is 333-335 in the Large Hall.

This year, NCI will display a Raven Variable Rate Pull Type Spreader and a Tractor Hydraulic Pull Type Spreader.  Please visit our website to learn more about each of these units.  Newton Crouch Inc has been manufacturing spreaders and sprayers since the 1940s and is known in the industry for our heavy duty construction. We’d love to tell you more about our spreaders so visit us at the show or call 1-800-241-1350 to talk a representative.

Raven Variable Rate Pull Type Spreader

Raven Variable Rate Pull Type Spreader

If you’d like more information about the show, please visit their site at: http://www.southerncottonginners.org/content/view/15/9/

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Telone and NCI Parts

Telone®II, a product of Dow AgroSciences, is a preplant soil fumigant for control of all major species of nematodes, including root knot, lesion, stubby root, dagger, ring, and cyst nematodes. Telone II is injected into the soil as a liquid and immediately converts to a gas, creating a zone of protection around developing roots. As a fumigant, Telone moves throughout the soil profile on its own, rather than requiring water or incorporation for movement.

Telone is commonly used on a number of crops, including:

  • Vegetables: potatoes, melons, tomatoes, peppers, pole crops, strawberries 
  • Field crops: corn, soybeans, cotton, peanuts, tobacco
  • Fruit and Nut Trees: pecans, apples, peaches
  • Vineyards: grapes, muscadine
  • Nursery crops

Newton Crouch Inc has developed a kit to help our customers easily maintain their systems for Telone and other soil fumigants.  NCI’s 6 row basic Telone pressure kit includes:

  • Manifold, 6 port
  • 6 Drops, 24″ Stainless Steel
  • 6 Ball Valve, 3/4″ brass
  • Hose Kit with brass quick locks (Hose length cut to customer’s specifications)
  • Strainer Assembly
  • Bottle Regulation Kit
  • Cut Off Valve, Electric
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Fittings

Newton Crouch Inc also sells each of these parts individually.  Visit the Telone page of NCI’s website to learn more about the kit and individual parts.  Any of our Newton Crouch Inc locations would be happy to assist you in getting your Telone System started.   


For more information Telone, see the data and safety sheet.

If you would like to read more about Telone application, read the Southeast Telone Technology Digest volume 4, issue 1

Telone is a Restricted Use Pesticide. In Florida, refer to the 24(c). Telone product specimen label for restrictions in certain countries. Telone is labeled under FIFRA 24(c) for nematode suppression in cotton and as an at-plant application only in the state of Georgia. Telone is not registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. Always read and follow label directions. L12-018-016 (11/09) BR 010-32918 DAAGTLON9056 EPI305320



The material about Telone came directly from Dow AgroSciences webpage.  See the following links to visit Dow and learn more about their products.



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